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BAT MkIII Filter Tips

Unique design
The BAT MkIII Filter Tip is the key component which gives BAT GMS its unique features. The patented, leakproof quick-connect system makes possible the connection of the various BAT Probes to the BAT MkIII Filter Tip for multiple functions.

Types of filter tips
The range of BAT Filter Tips contains three standard types:
  • BAT MkIII Std. This filter tip has a body of high-strength thermoplastic and a filter of porous polyethylene.
  • BAT MkIII Vadose. This filter tip has a body of high-strength thermoplastic and a replaceable ceramic filter, having a high air entry value. The BAT MkIII Vadose functions as a tensiometer and is thus designed for installations and measurements in the unsaturated zone.
  • BAT MkIII HD. This sturdy filter tip has a body of stainless steel and a replaceable filter of porous polyethylene.


BAT MkIII Vadose


Installation of filter tips
It is very easy to install the BAT Filter Tip since the tip neither contains any sensitive elements nor is connected to an electrical cable or tubing during installation. The BAT Filter Tips can be installed by use of several methods.

Push –in installation
The most common method is the “push-in” installation. The BAT Filter Tip is connected to an extension pipe, for example a one-inch gas pipe, and is pushed down to the installation depth. This can be made with conventional CPT Units or Drill Rigs. When required, pre-penetration or predrilling can be made through hard and/or coarse soil layers.


Borehole Installation
BAT Filter Tips can also be readily installed using the traditional borehole type of installation. Sealing of the installation can be made either by back-filling with grout or by “grouting-in” the filter tip.

Types of installation
Depending on the specific needs the BAT Filter Tips can be installed in different arrangements such as: single; cluster and “buried/remote” type of installation.



“Buried / Remote”

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