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Modes of pore pressure measurement
Due to the unique quick-connect system, the BAT Piezometer can be used in a highly flexible manner. The different modes of pore pressure measurement are:

Single manual measurement
The traditional BAT Piezometer uses single, manual measurements. This type of measurement can be repeated with maintained accuracy over a long period of time (several years).

One BAT IS Sensor can serve several, permanently installed BAT Filter Tips.


Automatic stand-alone data logging
The IS Sensor can be programmed in a stand-alone logging mode to take pressure measurements at preselected time intervals. An ordinary, alkaline battery, housed in an IS Battery Holder, makes it possible to log data over several months.

It is convenient to place the Battery Unit in a protective casing,
attached to the extension pipe.

IS-network stand-alone data logging
The fully digital IS Sensors can easily be connected in an IS-
network. In the stand-alone version one single IS Logger Unit can
manage the logging of up to ten IS Sensors. Powered with ordinary alkaline batteries the IS Logger Unit can log data over a period of several months.

The IS Logger Unit is equipped with an internal pressure sensor for automatic compensation for variations in atmospheric pressure.


GSM option
The IS Logger Unit can be equipped with a IS GSM Module for wireless data transfer. This option enables you to download the logged IS Sensor data where and when you like and also to analyse the measurement data on your own PC.

Powered with ordinary alkaline batteries the GSM Module can log and transmit data over a period of several months.


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